Valued program

At a time when more and more kids are spending their time in front of computer and TV screens, a decades old program in the district not only continues to thrive but is growing.
The Rainy River District 4-H Association held its annual awards banquet Friday night at the Millennium Hall in Stratton, with more than 100 people on hand to salute the accomplishments of its members. The list of award winners certainly was extensive but equally impressive was word that 11 new members have joined over the past year.
It also was noted Friday night that the Fort Frances Kiwanis Club has donated to 4-H every year since 1924, which indicates just how long the program has been around locally.
The value of a program like 4-H cannot be understated. The 4-H pledge states: “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.” What a great message to instill into our young people to carry forth as adults.
As Angela Haw put it, 4-H provides members with meaningful, positive experiences that build confidence, positive self-identity, and a sense of achievement while developing valuable leadership and life skills.
She also noted these members someday will be positive role models and volunteers themselves, which, in turn, gives back to our communities.
Congratulations to all the 4-H members who put so much time and energy into their various clubs and projects, as well as helping out at the Emo Fair each August and perhaps raising a market steer to auction off there.
Kudos, too, to all the leaders and other volunteers who help keep this tremendous program running year after year. It truly does play an important role in our district, producing benefits we can reap both today and well down the road.