To our best and brightest

It’s easy to live in the moment. To enjoy the highs of life, like the comfort of a delicious meal or the thrill of watching your team win.

But how often do we sit back and appreciate what went into the creation of our experience? For us, it’s just a fleeting moment. But for those on the other side, it’s the high water mark in a lifetime of unseen effort.

Our Sports pages have been filled with these moments lately. As we approach finals season, our Muskies and Owls have been a source of pride throughout the entire district, by proving themselves some of the province’s best.

But few of us see the practices that made them so great. Countless drills. Countless hours. The sore feet, strained muscles and even the late nights keeping up on missed classes.Next week, the 4-H will honour its own stars at its annual awards banquet. Although the trophies may be sleek and shiny, they’re a reflection of rough and rugged toil. Of hours trekking through mud and snow, wiping sweat off dirt-covered brows, to nurture lives from birth to market with care and compassion. We can raise a fork to farmers but few of us stop to think that the farmers who produce our children’s food, have likely been farming since they were children themselves, in 4-H.

We’re lucky to have three college campuses in our district, and to watch our young people launch new careers. Tomorrow, we have the opportunity to support some of those students, when the Stepping Stone teaching restaurant opens its doors at SGEI. It can be scary to try out a new skill in public – especially one you’re still actively learning. But it’s thrilling that we can be a part of their journey. Most of them have probably helped in the kitchen since they could peek over the counter-top. The fact that we get an early glimpse at our future chefs and restaurateurs is a privilege.

If our youth are our future, we’re in very good hands with such a hard working lot. To all of our youth, out there slogging through fields, barns, kitchens, arenas or classrooms, to hone a craft and be your very best – you should be proud. We certainly are.