Right step

The confusion that’s marred planning for Canada Day activities in Fort Frances is a perfect example of the wrong way to go about things.
That’s not a dig at those who tried. The Fun in the Sun committee understandably opted to back out when its plea for more volunteers fell on deaf ears. Kudos, too, to a group calling itself “It’s Eh! Celebration,” which at least stepped forward in an effort to save the day before seeming to peter out.
In the meantime, though, wondering just who was in charge of what left residents in the dark, as well as potential sponsors among the local business community. Clearly, despite best intentions, it was a case of different groups trying to accomplish the same goal but without working together under one umbrella.
Fortunately, things appear to be back on track—and just in time with only three-and-a-half weeks to go until July 1.
Thanks to the town’s prodding, and apparently a renewed show of support, Canada Day events are back under the Fun in the Sun banner, which should translate into better planning, organization, and co-ordination for a fun-filled day despite the tight timeframe.
Having one group in charge is the right step. But the real lesson moving forward is that staging a major event like Canada Day takes a real commitment from volunteers and months of planning.
It shows when something is cobbled together last-minute or haphazardly, which only results in driving people away.