Events vital

Every hockey tournament, every concert, every community festival has a financial benefit to the community. Outside participation in these activities either as a participant or a spectator contributes to the financial well-being of communities in Rainy River District.
The Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Festival coupled with the “Pulling for Peace” International Tug-of-War drew attention to Fort Frances and the district and added to the economy of the community.
The long weekend drew visitors from out of town, surely some of whom came out to watch the dragon boat races. Several individuals from outside the community “pulled for peace” on the Fort Frances team.
The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, the pow-wows held in First Nations across the Rainy River District, the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society’s annual fall fair have proven to enhance the economy of the district.
The last economic impact study of the bass tournament indicated that it added almost $800,000 to the economy of the community.
A similar study showed that the average family visiting Fort Frances for a hockey tournament drops over $500 into the economy for lodging and food over two and a half days. That’s without giving consideration to shopping.
All of these events and attractions have been created, organized and run by volunteers from across the district and often from beyond the region.
These events—whether they be a darts tournament at the Legion, a skating competition and testing or a community festival—all have a direct impact on employment and the economic well-being of our communities.
The community owes a debt of gratitude to the many volunteers who donate their talents and time to making these activities happen.
Without those volunteers and their commitment to the many activities that occur in the district, the district would find itself much poorer.