Safety program turns 13

By Tyler Moffitt
The Safety Advocate

The month of June is now here and the Smoke Alarms For Every Baby (S.A.F.E.) program is more than 13 years old in Rainy River District.
It’s apparent that this project is—and always will be—dear to many people’s hearts.
The important message that’s being delivered to parents is that children are particular vulnerable to fire. And the first step to take in protecting their newborn from fire is to correctly install a working smoke alarm inside the baby’s bedroom!
The smoke alarm is not intended to replace the ones that people are required by law to have in their home!
To achieve sustainability, the program’s success can be accredited to the commitment of Gillons’ Insurance Brokerage Ltd. to our community.
Gillons’, which has been serving Northwestern Ontario since 1924, has taken the lead through its participation in volunteerism and financial support.
Let’s not forget the other supporters of the program! The great people of the Rainy River District Mutual Fire Aid Association, the La Verendrye General Hospital Auxiliary, Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc., Atikokan General Hospital, and the Northwestern Health Unit all have contributed in helping to deliver it.
Remember: smoke alarms save lives. But you need to make sure they are working!
Working smoke alarms increase your chances of surviving a fire should one strike in a home or cottage (cabin).
The majority of fire deaths happen in homes—where we feel safe and secure—with no smoke alarms at all or none that work.
When there is a fire, smoke spreads fast and you need working smoke alarms to give you time to escape.
Smoke alarms are inexpensive, and available at your local hardware or home improvement store.
Tyler J. Moffitt is loss prevention and continuous improvement advocate.