Emo Spray Park open

The Emo Spray Park has recently opened up. This is a sure sign of summer and hopefully a sign that there will be less Civid restrictions from here on in

The hours of operation at the spray park are 8a.m. to 8 p.m.

Come out with ur kids, grandkids or neighbor kids and have some fun.

Congratulations to Tammy Shine and Joleen Helliar on their winnings of $70,762.00. This was a 50/50 draw from the Lake Of The Woods District Hospital Foundation ( LOTWDHF)

The girls each purchase $20 in tickets every month. When I asked Tammy if she was surprised… she responded shocked more like it. She was wipper snipping at her job, phone rang, she thought it was hospital. Because of loud noise from whipper snipper she couldn’t hear. She got in her truck and was told the good news that her and jolene had won. So happy for you two. Enjoy every penny.

Happy 30th. birthday to my soon yo be son in law Brent Romyn and a happy 40th. to Sara McCormick ( my daughter in law). They shared these milestone birthdays June 1st.

Our entire community sends you wishes for many more fulfilling years.

A happy retirement to Mavis St Hilaire. Mavis has been employed at MTO for thirty years. She has worked hard, raised a wonderful family.

This is a well deserved retirement. Your district of family and friends

wish you all the best. May you enjoy every minute of this chapter.

Rebecca Cornell was home at her parents ( Kim and Pat) in May.

She helped with the chore of helping getting cattle to pasture ( 130 cow, calf pairs). Rebecca also assisted not only Cornell Farms also Louis Bujold with the embryo transplants.

I was fortunate to see her in passing. Always a big smile on this vets face.

Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Don Witherspoon on his passing May 25th. He will be sadly missed. He was a caring, hard working man.

Thinking of you all at this sad time.

No words will come to me as I send sympathy, prayers and love from the entire district. The tragic passing of Ellie Gough has left saddness, tears and grief in the hearts of so many.

Our district hopes the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all other family members and friends hope you can draw strength in knowing your entire district in mourning with you, and hope you can draw strength knowing your not alone.

Bob and Olive Gouliquer celebrated seventy years of marriage on May 28th. The couple received recognition from family and Fortas well as the Government of Ontario and Justin Trudeau.

Bob and Olive have lived in their home since 1951. They raised there five children in this home, and have enjoyed their grandchildren and great grandchildren come through their doors. Cheers to Bob and Olive in their commitment to marriage and family. May you enjoy many more years together!