Region welcomes centurion

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

Former Lavallee resident Edith Marsh (Heward) turned 100 March 5.

Nieces Lucille MacDonald, Kay Nickle, Lois Mann, Brenda Boettcher (joined by Bill Galusha, travelled to Phoenix, Arizona to celebrate this milestone with Edith. Edith’s two daughters, Sylvia and Arlene, their husbands, plus great and great-great grandchildren also joined in the birthday party celebrations.

Edith grew up on the farm on Heward Rd. moving to the U.S. in the 1950’s.

She still lives a vibrant life and drives her own car. Lucille shared with me that her Aunt Edith drove all her nieces to an event while they visited her. She lives in her own home without assistance.

Edith’s advice for healthy living, which she shared with her nieces, is eat garlic, no salt after 40, no sugar, and her advice she shared with Lois was drink corn silk milk.

A happy 100th Birthday to Edith (or as I fondly remember her Aunt Edy) from all the folks in Lavallee! And hats off to all the nieces that add “so much goodness” to Aunt Edy’s life!