Rainy Lake Fall Bass Classic a success

Robin McCormick

The annual Rainy Lake Fall Classic was a success. Dale LaBelle and his crew were able to have the tournament go smoothly even with COVID restrictions.

A total of 38 teams competed, which was a good showing considering teams from the States weren’t allowed this year. The anglers were pleased to partake in this event, and bring back some kind of normal.

First place winners were Bill Godin and Greg Swire, catching 14.28 lbs of bass. Second place went to father and son team team Bob and Mike Badiuk, with a total weigh in of 13.18 lbs and third place Jason Cain and Dan Tucker with a 13.07 lbs bag of bass.

The big fish was caught by Alyssa Vanderra and Matt Goldamer.

Hats off to all anglers and the crew that made this event possible. Here’s hoping next year will be back to normal (the old normal) with spectators and all.

I had the good fortune of meeting up with Lois Shine. Lois has been struggling with heart issues. She had made several trips to Thunder Bay to specialists and is likely going to Toronto for surgery. However Lois is still in her cheery and friendly position. It was a treat to visit with her.

Robin’s 2 cents

A grandma asked her grandson what he had learned in school that day.

He proudly replied “I learned how to make babies”. Although the adults tried to change the subject the grandson was having no part of this.

He loudly announced “you change the y to ies.”