Barwick is the place to be on Canada Day, July 1. The small, ambitious community has a day packed with fun events. The parade hits the street at noon. The Iron Club will be there with their display of antique cars. A baseball tournament will take place with some fierce […]

Today is Nassau’s birthday. He would have been thirty-nine years old on June 28th. He was my precious friend for twenty-five years. Only a lucky few understand the deep connection one can have with a horse. Myrna gets it; she knows what I am talking about. I met Nassau when […]

One of my favourite meals on the barbecue is a good beef steak. I used to be somewhat of a purest and insist on only salt & pepper gracing this grilled wonder, but I have lightened up over the years. Although I have never been (and never will be) a […]

It was a coach’s show on radio. It was supposed to last five minutes or so, the precise timeline “a little” flexible because on every Monday to Friday evening during football season, the deejay who followed it never seemed to start on schedule. Thanks to Joe. The coach was Joe […]

Sounds like we are back in the heat wave again. I enjoy it but this heat usually brings on a thunderstorm and though we need the rain it would be better if it didn’t come with all that force. It is dry enough that lightning could potentially cause us some […]

One of the first things my father did after building a bare bones cabin on Turtle Island, was to erect a sixty-foot-tall flagpole that my brother and I helped drag from the bush behind the cabin. Mounted on an equally large base that is just above the average summer waterline, […]

I have a growing library of works by and about Indigenous people. These books have become precious to me, valuable tools for inspiration, for education, for empowerment. Some are old and some are new, but each one has something important to tell me. I will read from them today, on […]

Quite by chance, I stumbled upon a story about a pop-up restaurant in Tokyo, that confesses right in its name that meals sometimes go awry. It is the Restaurant of Mistaken Orders, with one very special quality — all the servers are living with dementia. 37 per cent of the […]

What began over three months ago to avoid having a public inquiry to investigate foreign governments interfering in Canadian elections is now back to square one. It is Groundhog Day in Canada. The special rapporteur David Johnston, a former governor general has resigned his position to investigate foreign involvement in […]

The Emo Legion Branch #99 will host its final Beer and Burger this Friday (June 16) beginners at 5 p.m. A meat draw will be held. There will be a country jam featuring old time music starting at 7 p.m. Beer and Burger will start up again in September. There […]