Baseball is becoming obsessed with Shohei Ohtani versus Babe Ruth. Each time the Los Angeles Angels super human runs or hits or pitches as Ruth did, another milestone pops up. Only Ohtani and Ruth have been starting pitchers while batting third or fourth in Boston’s Fenway Park. Only Ohtani and […]

For anglers around the region who enjoy competitive bass fishing, the season gets underway this coming weekend. The season for bass is catch and release until July 1 across the Sunset Country region so there are no tournaments during the spring. There could have been a tournament this past weekend […]

A coincidence is a remarkable occurrence of events without an obvious causal connection. We rarely take note of these occurrences, but yesterday one such event stopped me and …. got me thinking. On my desk was a blank piece of paper on which I had written COLUMN followed by the […]

Once upon a slapshot, the National Hockey League draft was regarded as the private domain of the Montreal Canadiens. From its roots they grew enough Stanley Cups to reach 24, still far more than any other team. Of the first 30 cups since the inaugural draft, the Canadiens won 12…and […]

Did not mean to set off such a frenzy with last week’s snap of Pickle holding up his find. It is his fault not mine. Cannot verify that in the dark a “666” flashes off and on in a deep satanic red colour and am too terrified to view it […]

As I sit here on this hot day, the first day of summer, my mind wanders back to the unusual pattern of bird migration this spring. As they moved north, they met three snow storms in mid-April. Many landed with large flocks being stranded in Fort Frances and the surrounding […]

Having fished on Lake of the Woods since I was a kid, I have seen some changes to the lake over the years. The most significant change has been the loss of vegetation in most areas of the lake, especially when you consider the effect that this has had on […]

Each fall, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies migrate from Canada and the United States, to central Mexico, to wait out the unfavourable conditions of northern winters. Each spring, they begin the migration north and need milkweed for food along the way. Milkweed is an important source of nutrients during […]

Titanic director James Cameron called the search for the Titan submersible a “nightmarish charade.” The 24-hour news channels grasped at every straw to retain viewers and advertising dollars. The five doomed people aboard the craft were easy to identify and build stories around technology, families, their worries, and their grieving. […]