Last week, Elections Ontario announced two USB keys containing personal data for 2.4 million people had been lost due to employee negligence. While it’s good news that data from Kenora-Rainy River was not one of the 20-25 ridings involved, it shows that not enough is being done by the government […]

The sixth-annual KMTS Bronzeback Classic bass tournament took place this past weekend on Lake of the Woods. Anglers were faced with some great weather over the weekend—and plenty of nice smallmouth bass were brought to the scales. Although the bite was off a little bit for most of us who […]

For those who have read my column on a regular basis over the last year-and-a-half, you may have noticed my predictions on certain sporting events have been lacklustre at best. Back in March, for instance, I picked the Miami Marlins to win the World Series this year—and that choice currently […]

It certainly looks like we will have some combining to do in the month of July as the barley is ripening quickly. We will hold off harvesting anything, though, until after our open house next Thursday evening (July 26). It looks as though the second cut of the alfalfa will […]

For months now, “fiscal restraint” and “responsibility” have been buzz words used by the McGuinty government to justify major cuts to important programs across the province. During this time, we have been told that because of the provincial deficit, the government simply cannot afford to provide hard-working families with meaningful […]

If I was able to write anyone’s biography, it would be tempting to seek out Harper Lee and find out the little details of her very short but amazing writing career. I’d like to ask Nelson Mandela how he kept positive while he was confined in prison and bumping up […]

The annual Shoal Lake Big Bass Classic was a special one for me this past weekend because I got to watch my dad, Jim Gustafson, and his partner, Dean Smith, whup everybody to win the tournament after fishing in it together for many years. In fact, it was my dad […]