By Gary Sliworsky Ag rep, Emo Following last week’s article, this week’s outlines the last of 10 tips for pasture and feeding in dry conditions: 7. Feeding poorer quality feed will decrease an animal’s performance as the animal cannot maintain itself or grow. Other symptoms may manifest themselves with breeding […]

First of all, I am writing this with sea legs and if I didn’t feel the floor under my writing desk in my bedroom I would swear I was on the sailboat socking through the waves on Rainy Lake. It’s incredible how the human body continues to process motion some […]

Wow, this month is already a week old! Time seems to fly by once the fall season starts. Our plot forage harvester broke down about two hours from being finished all our second cut and haylage/silage trials. We are hoping that we will have it back this week and finish […]

Since being elected last fall, I’ve met with a number of people who are frustrated with the services being delivered by the Ministry of Natural Resources. In our region, hunting and fishing are a way of life, yet many people find the rules and regulations in place inconsistent, frustrating, and […]

A lot of words have already been written over Monday’s dramatic 4-3 semi-final loss for the Canadian women’s national soccer team against the United States at the Summer Olympics in London. From the continuing discussions over the officiating during the game, to FIFA looking into possible sanctions over comments made […]

This weekend is going to be a special one for bass anglers across the region as the Shaw Kenora Bass International tournament starts tomorrow (Aug. 9) on Lake of the Woods. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Sunset Country’s original bass tournament. When the KBI started back in 1988, […]