Over the past couple of weeks, a great deal has been said about the province potentially introducing back-to-work legislation to force an end to a labour dispute with most of Ontario’s teachers. In the past, back-to-work legislation was a last-ditch effort used by governments to bring an end to a […]

When last did you pick up a pen and find just the perfect paper on which to write your thoughts, your worries, your questions; and then put that paper in an envelope, affix a stamp, and drop the envelope in one of those red boxes that say Canada Post? It’s […]

One thing about where we live in Sunset Country is if you like to spend time in the outdoors, there isn’t a much better place to be. In fact, you couldn’t pay me to live anywhere else. I just love everything about Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake too […]

Unless you’ve been living somewhere that has no possible way of receiving communication from the outside world for the last couple of weeks, you already are quite familiar with the latest goings-on in the NHL’s collective bargaining negotiations. As the days drag on, and neither the league nor the NHLPA […]

Well, here we are—Emo Fair week! The sad part of that is the fact that fall soon follows. August for me really passes by quickly. I spend most of the time stressing that I don’t have stuff ready for the fair! My BFF tells me I need to priorize and […]

You remember Gracie, don’t you? Adorable fluffy pup of the Bernese Mountain Dog variety. She was going to fill the void in my life left by my ungrateful daughters who had the audacity to grow up and live lives of their own. Cute puppy. The one who peed on the […]

On Sept. 6, residents of two provincial ridings will go to the polls in what will be the most important by-elections in Ontario history. On the line in the ridings of Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan is the balance of power at Queen’s Park. Following the Oct. 6 election, Kitchener-Waterloo was held […]

At 113 years of age, the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society’s annual fall fair in Emo gets underway tomorrow with the midway cranking up the sound during the day. Then on Friday and Saturday nights, the roar of stock cars racing around the track will be heard for miles in […]

My soul sister told me the other day over tea that she wants to “live in colour.” The desire was voiced after sharing her sadness about the recent death of a friend. We talked a long time about this, and we both had a compelling sense to fall into the […]

When the Kenora Bass International tournament began back in 1988, I don’t think that Doug Bishop and the rest of his crew who started the event really pictured what the Harbourfront in Kenora would look like on the second weekend in August a quarter-century later. I do know that they […]

Just imagine having your whole house—and even your garage—all clean and organized at the same time! Well, this summer, I’ve almost achieved this goal with the help of Sheralynn and Kelly. Last week, Sheralynn helped me go through our storage areas while Kelly helped me clean and organize my kitchen. […]