Youth rangers support forestry

From the Stewardship Youth Rangers

We, the Stewardship Youth Ranger (SYR) teams in Fort Frances, had a rewarding third week in our Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry summer employment program!

We started the week off at the Oak Grove near the mouth of Rainy River­—the most northerly oak ecosystem in North America!

We helped clean up the area while learning about this provincially-significant forest, which has red and white oak, rare black cherry trees, and many species of aspen.

Then on Tuesday, we attended co-op pre-placement training at Fort Frances High School. Through the SYR Co-op Credit Program, we will be eligible to receive two high school credits while working during the summer.

At this training, we also learned more about the importance of workplace safety, as well as techniques to develop résumés and cover letters to prepare us for successful job interviews.

On the Wednesday, we helped conduct silvicultural effectiveness monitoring off Grey Trout Road. The data collected helps determine how well a replanted forest is growing.

We learned how surveyors document growing forests to determine if trees have adequate space to grow freely. We then practised using our Global Positioning System (GPS) and orienteering skills to track tree plots.

The following day, we learned how to conduct tree surveys by identifying tree species and measuring their diameter and height. We also practised our newly-acquired GPS skills by plotting locations (called waypoints) and navigating our way through the forest.

We ended our day preparing for our upcoming canoe portage by making meal plans, planning what we’ll take and reviewing our route.

We finished up our week by clearing debris from Crown land near Naicatchewenin First Nation, about 60 km northwest of Fort Frances. At Mitaanjigamiing First Nation, about 70 km north of Fort Frances, we cleared trails and removed brush and debris from a nearby beach.

We were able to put our small power tool safety training to good use!

The week turned out to be great improving our environment.

Be sure to check in on us next week!