Rangers get more training

The local Stewardship Youth Rangers had a blast in Week 2 getting familiar with our new responsibilities for the summer and engaging in a wide variety of training initiatives!
The week included a day spent canoeing in Quetico Provincial Park, where we completed a Level 2 trip through the Ontario Recreational Canoeing, Kayaking Association.
We also participated in an informational tour of Atikokan’s Steep Rock Mine, as well as spent time learning about the culture and protocols of indigenous people in Ontario.
Thanks to the various partners, in co-operation with the ministry, our time spent on the job has been quite fulfilling already.
Some of these supporting characters include Maya Chacoby (Ontario Federation of Friendship Centres), Tom Nash (Atikokan ministry office), and Nancy Jones (local elder).
Their partnership has taught us a variety of lessons, including how to properly steer, paddle, and land a canoe and how to camp overnight.
The seminar with Maya Chacoby was nothing short of inspirational. It helped inform us about indigenous heritage and the teachings of local elders, including Chacoby herself.
The valuable education we received this week will help us have a positive impact on the environment throughout our summer with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.