As in many areas of the continent, we’ve had an unusually warm winter—and spring is continuing warm. With that warmth has come lots of sickness, especially very “thorny” colds. Colds that last and last. Colds that make people ill and result in very low life energy. Personally, I think the […]

Finally, I’m doing what I have long advised my readers to do. I’m writing my own obituary. Actually, I’m doing more. I’m writing an expanded life story–not a book, not my memoirs. Just my special memories as they come to me. What fun it is. And why didn’t I do […]

“How are you doing?” they say as we pass on the street or in the hall. Since a question requires an answer, I usually say, “Just fine! How are you?” And with that, we go our separate ways. But there is something terribly wrong with that interchange. Often I don’t […]

Growing up in a farming community more than a half-century ago, I knew only dogs that lived outside. With one exception. Uncle Ned and Aunt Ann had no children, but they had a darling little white dog named “Snowball.” When we visited, the little dog was always on Aunt Ann’s […]

My entertainment tastes have changed over the years. But they always have fallen into two broad categories: going to fine restaurants and attending live theatre. So for me, the perfect evening always has been going to an excellent theatre production, either preceded by dinner or followed by dessert with friends. […]

Life is change. From the time you’re born until the time you die, change is a constant. Actually, change is the only constant! Some changes are small and inconsequential, like when your exercise room is closed for a month for renovations. Other changes are monumental–changing your whole life experience–like the […]

“Lost and found” boxes are a wonderful idea. One glove missing from a pair. A watch with a broken band. A hat with only a tiny hole in it. A little chain that doesn’t seem to belong to anything. A billfold with the ID missing. Oh, you’d be surprised at […]

Fortunately for me, I’ve led a charmed life with wonderful advantages, many opportunities, and one without major tragedies. As a result, I am very grateful—and empathize with people who have had more difficult experiences. Born in Lewis County in northern New York, I was the first grandchild of Daniel and […]

Somehow, I’m not sure whether I have a serious “sleep” problem or if I only have a long-time bad habit. Either way, I wake up wide-awake between 1:30 and 3:30 a.m. every day. And when I wake up, there’s no going back to sleep. But I really don’t mind. I […]

Growing up in New York state, I saw lots of interesting sights: Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen, the 1,000 Islands in the St. Lawrence River, the Adirondacks, and New York City. But one thing I missed seeing was the Chautauqua Institution. Although my daughter has spent summers at Chautauqua for years, […]

Obviously, everyone has goals. Things they want to accomplish in their lifetime and things they want to accomplish today or next week. But as we live, sometimes our goals become more refined—or even change completely. Take me, for instance. I had my whole life planned at age four. I was […]

Christmas is a wonderful time for sentiment. And for me, part of the nostalgia is watching all my favourite movies of the season: “Christmas in Connecticut,” “White Christmas,” “Holiday Inn,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” and “A Christmas Story.” But as far as inspiration goes, there’s nothing to match the 1946 […]