Aging takes a long time! It begins when we are born. And, silently, it creeps along through our childhood, teen, and young adult years. Then suddenly it seems to pick up speed. Or at least our perspective on aging changes. One case in point. Years ago, one of my favourite […]

Somehow, I think I was born with the love of coffee. It’s in my genes. When I was a baby, my Great Aunt Annie took care of me one time and couldn’t get me to stop crying. So she fed me “coffee soup”–milk laced with coffee. After that, I was […]

Since childhood, I have loved vegetables–winter squash, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, avocados, spinach, lettuce, radishes, and celery. Of all the foods there are, I like vegetables the best. There is only one exception. Somehow I have never cared for “slimy” okra. My family, on the other hand, is […]

All my life, I’ve been a dreamer. At age four, I dreamed of being a teacher like Aunt Vera, Uncle Bill’s girlfriend. As I approached the teen years, I dreamed of owning a candy factory and making delectable candies. At about the same time, I dreamed of being a preacher. […]

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be an old woman some day. Maybe it’s because I admired my grandmother so much–spunky, always laughing, with peppermint drops in her apron. Once when I gave her a five-pound box of chocolates with money I earned myself, she advised […]

For relaxation, I love to watch old sitcoms, such as “I Dream of Jeannie.” And Sunday, I was thinking about one of Jeannie’s episodes. In case you don’t remember, Jeannie was, in fact, a real “genie” in a bottle, which her master, astronaut Tony Nelson, found on a beach. And […]

Recently, I’ve been thinking back with deep nostalgia to a simpler time and a different place. 1956 in Goshen, Ind. My husband was a student and I had a full-time job in public relations at Goshen College. We lived in the trailer park with other students, and our trailer measured […]

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow will come. But today is “your day!” So why in the world do we waste time regretting yesterday. Of course, we all make mistakes. “If only we had done something different,” we think. Always forgetting that yesterday is gone–permanently gone! And why do we worry about […]

Recently, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror like usual—and I saw something different. For years, the wrinkles in my face were smiling wrinkles. I’ve always been upbeat, and I’ve always laughed and smiled a lot. Thus the wrinkles! But this time my wrinkles were different. My mouth was […]

There is so much sadness and pain in the world, it’s completely overwhelming! Broken families, accidents, wars, neglected children and youth, tornado damage, corporate disloyalty, hurt feelings, painful illnesses, minimum wage, bombings, and deaths of a pet. The list goes on. We each have our own losses and pain to […]

Computers and problems go together like a cup and saucer, and like an ear and earring. As everyone knows, problems are inevitable if you use a computer. And, just as in all of life, these problems almost always occur when you are in a hurry or trying to meet a […]

I’m a bridge junkie and take every opportunity to play, especially with the computer. No day is complete until I take on my computer partner before bedtime. Sometimes, I take every random hand that is dealt to me. But other times, I hold out for only spectacular hands. That’s the […]