Winter calving season drawing closer

Now that it has warmed up, we are getting a bit of snow, but I guess that is usually how it works. Though the thermometer appeared more pleasant on Sunday, the wind ruined the day. I toughed it out and convinced my cows to follow me home and I sorted off my bred heifers and boostered their scour bos vaccine. My mom was out of commission with a sore knee, but she felt like she was there as she watched from home on the barn camera. I was pleased it went so well and Lexi felt like she was a big help. My calving due date is not until February 20, so I sent them back to the comfort of the bush. It is amazing what a great shelter they have in the trees. They are spreading the manure, so it is a win-win situation.

We had approximately 50 people attend the RRCA AGM last Thursday. It was one of the most efficient meetings we have ever hosted. A big Thank You to Stratton Service for sponsoring our coffee break and for those of you who took the time to attend. I would say one of the things that will be a change for us locally in the year ahead is the fact that the Beef Cattle Marketing Act will be charging check-off on the beef animals that are butchered at the Abattoir. This is something new to the industry, but we can expect it to be enforced some time in 2024. This will be $5.50 per head. On Friday I headed up to Dryden to attend the Kenora District Cattlemen’s AGM. They had around a dozen people attend but they had a great discussion and lots of opinions on many of the BFO topics. I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with my favourite twins! Thankfully my mom was able to do my chores and dog-sit Lexi.

I have moved back into full-time meeting season and a big list of bookwork to get caught up on. The days go so fast and instead of crossing stuff off I seem to be adding more on. I had an all-day BFO (Beef Farmers of Ontario meeting) Monday – and I mean all day; started at 7:30 a.m. and ended at 4:30 p.m. There are so many things that the BFO staff do for this industry that most of us take for granted. I encourage people to get involved locally but go a step further and take part provincially – it has been a real learning experience for me. The biggest challenge by far is travel and having someone at home to keep things going. Still, I find that the rest of the province thinks that things end in Thunder Bay, and I do my best to ensure I talk about all the good things that happen between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg.

Hard to believe that we have a good chunk of our winter behind us. The days are getting longer, and I know we can expect to see some more bad weather but I am convinced that early Easter means early spring. Hope I didn’t just jinx that!