Will crazy winter ever end?

I’m starting to wonder if I will ever stop writing about this crazy long winter!
We had more than a foot of snow here Friday and then it was minus-33 C when I left the house Sunday morning.
Wow—and it’s the end of March!
Of course, I was lucky to have frozen water everywhere—in the house, barn, and all water bowls! The heat in the well house quit so that ended the running water.
I tackled that and have it all good again—only to find no cold water in my bath tub! And anyone who knows me knows that having some quiet time in my tub is a very important part of my day!
How I found out I had no cold water wasn’t so fun. I turned my tub on to the usual spot and headed off to do a few tasks while it filled up (yes, sometimes it has been close to the top before I get back!)
Then I went to step in and my foot didn’t enjoy the tub full of hot water!
This task hasn’t been so easy to fix since I’m still struggling to get the handle off the tap (I had to call for help on this one).
So I truly have felt like running away lately. The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association recently ordered “cow stress balls”—I think I’ll be the first customer!
• • •
Still, things on the farm are better than last week—at this point. The foster calf seems to be doing well, and he and his foster mom are outside now!
The last calf I had born is still moving a little slow and I’m really not sure what is up with him, if anything!
I’m still waiting on my last five calves. In most years, you don’t need to worry so much by now about them freezing. But at minus-33, you still need to worry!
• • •
I’m sure hoping to see a good turnout at the Rainy River Regional Abattoir meeting, which goes tonight (March 26) at 7:30 p.m. at the Barwick Hall.
We really need to hear from the membership—and we are counting on everyone to come and voice their opinions.
This is such a huge asset to our district and we need to find away to keep it functional.
If you have any questions, or cannot make the meeting but have suggestions, get in touch with Bill Darby at 486-3409.
• • •
The Nor-West Animal Clinic and Cornell Farms have teamed up to offer an evening full of information on Thursday, April 3 at the Emo Inn.
Topics include bull semen evaluation, vaccines for pinkeye, foot rot and black leg, breeding bulls for sale, and a market opportunity for cull cows!
Be sure to mark this date on your calendars—it’s an evening you won’t want to miss!
• • •
This is my last week of being a full-time farmer; it’s back to work at the agricultural research station in Emo next week.
I think we are in for a different season with the announcement of the closures of the Kemptville and Alfred colleges (Kemptville is who I report to currently).
There also is a very good chance this could be the last year our research station is open.
I hope not but things are extremely tight financially.
• • •
Have a great week, everyone. I sure hope spring will arrive soon!