Weather thankfully didn’t dampen cattle sale

Well, Mother Nature co-operated for part of Spring Fever Days in Emo!
Friday was beautiful and it was nice to see our little town buzzing along.
Unfortunately, the weather Saturday wasn’t so great and it certainly made it a long, hard day for the workers at the sales barn in Stratton. The cattle don’t look as nice when they are wet, but the prices were steady and I’m hoping that producers were pleased.
Our new manager, Philip Krahn, did a great job and had some new buyers at the table, which we always welcome.
The office staff was pleased at the end of the day when we balanced right to the penny. We sold 1,060 head for a total of $984,832.35.
I personally sold five cull cows and was very pleased with my prices. I feel bad selling old cows that have been a part of your family for a number of years, but their time had come and they had to go.
Thanks to everyone for their support and for the workers for putting up with a long, cold wet day. We do appreciate it.
In other news, our work bee that had been scheduled for Saturday, May 12 is postponed until June 2. Gemmells’ farm auction is on May 12 and we knew everyone would want to attend that.
• • •
I finished the spring miscanthus and switch grass harvest at the agricultural research station here in Emo so now I can start working the land.
I’m pleased that both my students from last year are returning. I look forward to another summer with them and it is such a bonus having students that already understand the routine.
Our seed has been arriving daily now, so my hope is that I can have everything ready to plant for next Monday (April 30) as that is when one of the boys will begin work.
It takes two people to plant research trials. I’ve had to rope in some of my friends to help, but we will see how the week and the weather goes.
• • •
Amid a busy day at work and then rushing down to work at the sales barn on Friday night, I found out that my cows that are going to be receiving embryos in early May need to have a needle.
Fortunately, my mom was able to give me a hand and we ran the 12 cows through the chute and gave them their needle. It always seems that everything falls on the same day!
The cows are scheduled to receive embryos on May 10. This means they will have a calf put in that belongs to a cow that has had eggs flushed out.
My new bull was delivered home and in a couple of weeks I will be putting my bulls out. Meanwhile, I still have to separate the cows and the calves need to be vaccinated.
It seems that it has been a bad year for clostridia diseases, so vaccinating is not something we should be skimping on!
• • •
The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is busy planning its spring dinner, which will be held Friday, May 4 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Emo Legion.
You can get your tickets from Lisa Teeple or Linda Armstrong.
It also is sounding like the trees that have been ordered by the Rainy River Stewardship Council will be making their way here by the end of the week (you may need to polish up your tree-planting shovels!)
We still have trees available (red pine and white spruce). Let me know if you would like any.