We still matter up here in north

I cannot believe we are nearing the end of October and I am sure it is simply because we have lost the last two months to the weather.
I sure wouldn’t complain if it stayed like the last few days until Christmas or even longer. Wishful thinking.
I finally was able to reach some Agricorp and OMAFRA officials last week and they formed an adverse weather conference call that I was able to participate in.
They had no idea our weather was this bad.
I realize they cannot change our weather, but our farmers are going through some tough times right now and they need to know this.
This province is large I would agree and there are less of us here, but we still matter.
They have asked for pictures of the impact this is having on us and thank you to those who have already sent some to me.
I will take more from anyone; no matter what you are farming right now, it isn’t very easy.
• • •
Once again, we had a successful cattle sale this weekend. Since we are still lacking space, we decided to sell the cows and bulls on Friday night and just sell the feeder cattle on Saturday.
It made for a busier, later night for the staff, but I think we all agreed it was nice to not sell as late on Saturday night.
We sold 1,706 head for a total of $1,773,769.81.
I will have to wait until the official market report is out, but my feeling was that this sell may have been a little stronger that on our Sept. 28 sale.
We have one more sale booked for Nov. 2 and we will have the 2019 sale season behind us.
We have our work cut out for us, but it is looking like we will be back better than ever for 2020.
Our new barn committee will be forming soon and the we have the winter to plan and prepare!
• • •
My dad is home again. He’s still on strict rest for at least another three weeks.
We hope we can keep his safe until he is healed up properly.
We are all a bit nervous because he has been known to not always listen to instructions.
• • •
Roxee is booked in for surgery this week. She has a small lump on her leg that needs to be removed.
Last year in October, she had her accident on the six-wheeler, and now this year, this!
We are sure hoping that things go well, and she will heal up quickly.
I get very stressed out about any of my animals being unwell, but it doubles when it is my dog.
• • •
The district lost a very special, kind young person last week.
I was shocked and extremely saddened to hear the news that Joe Reynolds passed away.
If you were lucky enough to know Joe, you were lucky!
I am certain that we would agree that he was rare and special.
He was jolly, fun and genuine.
He enjoyed a good laugh and a long story.
He would give you he shirt off his back. He did not judge you.
He made you feel special with his compliments.
He loved his wife and kids. He loved to offer food for any event and trees were his passion.
Joe will leave large voids in so many circles as he touched so many everywhere, he went.
At times, I do think life is unfair.