Warmer weather brings more excitement for Lexi

Well, I made the mistake of figuring out how many bales I fed in January. Then I had a hot flash. I hope that it was just because of the cold weather otherwise, even with the stuff I bought, I am going to be a little to close for comfort. I don’t know if a person would just be better off just coasting along and dealing with it when you can see the end? That is a hard thing to do when you’re dealing with animals that need to eat. The stuff I purchased recently was 2nd cut alfalfa and I think the deer and elk are enjoying them more than my cows. The bales are piled at the end of the laneway but that hasn’t stopped my wildlife friends. February is a shorter month, hope the weather co-operates for us. According to my feeding schedule I will likely bring the cows into the year next Sunday and prepare for calving.

I am nearly finished by little bathroom uplift. The paint lady did a wonderful job, and she was quick and so tidy! If I would have tried to do that, I would have had to use tape paint and still made a huge mess. I have a couple small things that I want to add to the room, but it is fresh and clean looking! I have another house project in mind, but I think it will be a spring project. But maybe not if I am looking at buying more hay! I am starting to think I should have sold more cows.

Lexi was 3 months old on Saturday. She is a good little puppy but hasn’t been spending much time outside doing chores. I am hoping in warmer weather she will enjoy that a bit more. Bettie is still not happy we got a new puppy.

We are hoping to have an abattoir board meeting this week and select our executive. With covid restrictions we have be putting off a meeting, but we might need to try and organize something over zoom.

A few of us met at the Sales Barn last week to summarize a task list of things to be completed on our project. A work bee has been scheduled for Saturday February 5th at 9:00 a.m. The 2 main tasks will be tearing out some of the old bleachers and kitchen in the old pole barn and installing the advertising banners in the new barn. So, if you are willing and able, please join us! Bring some tools for tear down and a snack so you can sit and enjoy the new lunchroom!