Too many weather extremes

Well, once again I’m going to complain about our weather!
Why is it that we seem to only have extremes here in Rainy River District? As in extremely cold, extremely hot, or extremely wet!
I personally have no complaints about the hot part; I absolutely loved last week. I’m not so in love with anything about the amount of rain we’ve had since Friday.
When I woke up Monday, it looked like I was living on a small island–there was water in places that I haven’t seen water before.
I was booked for a farm tour yesterday, but there was no way we could pull it off. You need a full wet suit just to get around the farm yard now.
I did cut some grass around the puddles, and it was so long and heavy that is should have been baled up!
• • •
I debated about letting my cows out over the weekend because I would have liked to seen a bit more growth on the pastures. But on Monday, with everything being so flooded out, I’m certainly glad I did it.
I can honestly say I think my cows are even happier I did it.
The sheep were not impressed with their yard returning to a sloppy mess, but they have access to drier areas. Still, they don’t seem to like pouring rain and like to huddle up in their small shelters.
My great uncle use to say that “if sheep are grazing in the rain, it meant it was going to rain all day. But if they took shelter, it meant that the rain would end soon!”
I finally was able to feed grain to my steers wearing my flip flop sandals, but now I’m back to very tall rubber boots.
• • •
It was a welcome sight to see some of our plots emerging from the ground last week (the hot weather allowed for a pretty quick germination).
Alas, this wet week won’t be so great for them and you have to worry about seed rotting in the ground. I’m certainly crossing fingers not only for my plots but all the farm seed that was planted last week.
This is very expensive and the last thing you need is a bunch of seed rotting in the field.
So let’s all cross our fingers for good weather.
• • •
The all-candidates’ meeting, hosted by the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture last Thursday in Stratton, fell on a great weather night, which meant not many farmers were able to attend.
That’s too bad because it was a great chance to meet with our local candidates, and get to hear their views on some local issues as well bigger ones.
• • •
Hats off to the Emo Walleye Classic committee and anglers.
Since Maddie celebrated her eighth birthday on Friday, we met at the tournament for supper. And after fencing all day (yes, in the rain) on Saturday, we decided to go and watch the weigh ins.
Plus I was thinking I might be lucky and win the side-by-side. I wasn’t so lucky, but Ted Halverson was and I was very happy for him!
Congratulations, as well, to Ralph Galusha and Bill Godin for winning the tournament and all the other anglers for participating. They had extreme weather themselves (hot the first day and wet for the second one).
I think the committee was feeling a bit down about the tournament with fewer anglers and less disposable income for people, but let’s hope for better days ahead!
It is important to support community events. We all should stop and think about how much time and hard work people put into things like this!
Thanks to all who put their time and effort into this one!