Still facing plenty of chores

Wow, September is here! Thanks to everyone who sent me a text and e-mailed me about the arrival of “Ms. September!”
I hope many people are “Googling” today just to find out where Emo is!
Unfortunately, I have so much work ahead of me that changing the calendar seems a bit stressful. I know everyone is in the same boat (i.e., lots of work and not enough hours in the day).
I keep thinking about making an official list of what I would like to complete this fall, but that may just make me feel more overwhelmed.
One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact the lawn continues to grow. And with this continued period of off and on rain, it has been hard to tackle that job.
I also still have manure to haul and would like to get some second-cut baled, but I am waiting until after the critical cutting date and I was hoping for some nice warm days yet.
• • •
A few of us met at the Stratton sales barn last week and crossed a few jobs of that list. Alas, it’s hard to get people out when so many are spreading themselves too thin.
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association certainly appreciates those who do show up and we are proud that our community continues to support our barn.
The first fall sale will take place this Saturday (Sept. 6) starting at 9 a.m. If you have any questions or cattle, get in touch with our manager, James Gibson.
The RRCA also is very proud of the good job James is doing in his first year in this position.
If you are interested in working at the sales barn this week, or even just on sale day, you should get in touch with James, as well (or myself).
Some of our key workers are off to school or unable to make it due to other commitments, so we are looking for a few new people we can train.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and I ventured to Winnipeg for a shopping trip and visit with our friend, Laura. We ended up visiting Cabela’s three times, so that’s the kind of shopping trip it was!
Still, it was nice to get away and visit with Laura. I am not much of a shopper but realize now it really is easier to shop alone.
We also did get a quick visit in with my vet cousin and her kids—they are great little fun farm kids, as well.
• • •
Maddie seems to be excited for school but Marlee isn’t so. She said, “When I am in school, it fills up all of my time and it seems like summer is never going to come!”
We spent some time doing a “photo shoot” (I’ve been making an annual calendar featuring the girls so we needed to be prepared for that).
The girls (and “Roxee”) are getting pretty good at finding the right props and positions. We will do a few more sessions to be sure we can make an enjoyable calendar once again.
• • •
I’m hoping that my grain at the Emo Agricultural Research Station will be closer to combining this week and, of course, unfortunately my students are off to school.
I’m sure I will get approval to hire someone and things will fall into place, but I tell you again I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with my world right now!
There is a big list of things to do at EARS!