Steer auction ‘smoking hot’

What a weekend! I was really hoping the rain would hold off until the races were over on Saturday night but that didn’t happen!
We really wondered what to do for our steer auction and thought hard about setting up inside the barn, but we all looked at our weather apps and decided to stay outside.
We had a smoking hot auction as well. I strongly believe we live in one of the most supportive communities.
It is such a great feeling to watch the 4-H members get rewarded for their efforts with their market steers.
The judge (Kolten McIntosh) commented that he thinks he wants his kids involved in our program. Thank you to all our steer buyers! You are so appreciated.
As well, Shane McQuaker, James and Robert Gibson, Manitou Forest Products, M.L. Judson, Emo Feed, Katy Trimble (Maple Street Photography), Nick Hay, Scotlyn Haw, Riley Caul, Kingsford Vet Service, Louis Bujold, Nor-West Animal Clinic, Jen MacDonald, Maria Vandenbrand, Rey Chartier, McKenzie Caul, Keith Caul, Tom & Shirley Morrish, Jessie Tait (Tait Brothers Tiling), Dennis and Beth Brown, Norlund Oil, Tompkins Hardware, Telford Advent, Kolton McIntosh and Wally Detweiller all played a big role in making our weekend very successful!
Jason Teeple is the barn boss and works very hard not only on the fair weekend but throughout the year to make sure our cattle show is top notch. We don’t often take the time to thank Jason, but we should!
Of course, we should be thanking his wife, Chantelle, as well for picking up the slack for Jason.
• • •
If you took the time to “Guess the Weight” during the fair, thank you!
This year, Louis and Aaron Bujold let us guess the weight on their Hereford bull, “Earl!”
Earl weighed 1,352 lbs and we had four (women) winners–Marlene McQuaker (who has won before), Delores Roymn, Doris Bradley and Joan Meyers. They will split the $100 prize.
Thanks, and good guessing ladies!
• • •
The first ever 4-H grooming competition was won by the Devlin Club with team members Aaron Bujold, Hanna LeDrew, Madison Bliss and Lauryn Marchant. We hope everyone enjoyed it.
4-H Showmanship was won by Hanna LeDrew followed by Georgia Romyn and Caleb Peters.
Overall 4-H Champion female was won by Malena Flatt followed by Katie Hay. The top 4-H Charolais Heifer was won by Georgia Romyn.
The Grand Champion Steer was Hanna LeDrew, with Cassie Teeple with reserve followed by Brandon Croswell, Aynsley Teeple, Christina Gerula and Katy Hay.
Congratulations to all the 4-H members who put on an outstanding show with great quality Rainy River District-raised cattle.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee had a really great weekend. They both told me how happy they were with how well their heifers behaved.
They loved having their lambs, alpaca and goat in the poultry and pets’ barn. We darn near came home with another bunny. We all have a bunny soft spot.
They had talked to Clayton and he is willing to build another cage but decided that they maybe should wait a bit.
So, it does sound like we might be expanding into the rabbit business.
• • •
We will be busy at the research station this week if the weather co-operates.
Our barley is ready, but it will take me most of Monday to get caught up from taking last week off.