Staff needed at local Abattoir

We sure had another beautiful week of weather! If this keeps up, I might even start to like winter again.  But I am nervous that a month from now as I get closer to calving it will be minus one thousand or something crazy. Maybe not, maybe 2023 is going to be our year!

I fell off the trail today taking a load of hay to the cows, so my feeding time doubled. I think the cows thought I was crazy bringing one bale at a time. I wasn’t texting either, but I panicked because I thought I had lost my best twine cutting knife and with he snow being this deep you can afford any wayward steering. I tried to get back on the trail, but it wasn’t easy, so I just unhooked and took the bales one by one. Either way the cows were fed. My next feeding will be here at home since the first calf heifers need to have their booster shot for Scour Bos.

I have de-Christmased the downstairs of my house, but I am still in full Christmas mode everywhere else. Until tonight when we experienced the power outage, and all my outside timers are off, so most of my outdoor lights are off. I was planning to leave them until the weekend but maybe this is it. I will get things put away over this week when I need a break from the computer. I even wrote my Christmas / New Year letter and got it sent off on the weekend. I never did get one finished last year. There is no sense in me even trying to get one out before Christmas it just won’t happen.

As you have seen me write before we are looking for staff at the Abattoir and Rainy River Meats. One of our key employees at the Abattoir is off to Olds College to take the Butcher course. If you are looking for full -time work and you are willing to work at both of our locations, we are happy to make this work for you! Please reach out to me if you are interested. I am not sure how much longer this board is going to last. They have been giving it their best and are still coming up short!

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association is hosting their AGM on Thursday January 19 at 7:00 p.m. at Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton. We look forward to seeing everyone there since we are able to host our AGM in person once again! Thomas Brandsetter staff from BFO will be attending. We will have some great updates and future plans at the Sales Barn. Please take time to come out!

I have five different meetings booked on Thursday! I do not know how it is all going to fall in place, but I will see what I can do! Lexi does not approve of me sitting and talking into my computer all day so someone over zoom my get an ear full!