Spring renewal on the farm

This weather… I hope everyone has been able to get out and enjoy it! Mother Nature might be mixed up, as she normally gives dirty weather for Walleye opener, but this weekend was great. I am hearing next weekend for our May long weekend; it will be a different story. Wind and rain are in the forecast.

My boyfriend/partner spread some fertilizer for me last week and I still need a bit more to get over all the land but I also thought I better hold off a bit to make sure I have the money to pay for it all. It is an expensive time of the year with lots of money going out but nothing coming in. The heat has certainly made things green up and there is some slow growth of pasture and hay. With rain in the forecast that will make a difference for both of those crops.

4-H Beef Clubs will be starting soon. The Beef Leaders decided that we can at least do what we did last year but there might be a small chance we could have a show or auction by August. We will plan for the best but be prepared to settle for less. It is sounding like we will have 30 4-H Steers and I am not sure the exact number of heifers. Obviously, our club meetings will have to be held via zoom for the time being and the leaders are leaning towards video type books!

My mom and I made a quick trip to the greenhouse last week. I didn’t plan to plant my stuff but with the great weather I did! I am not finished but I need to get back to the green house again! The new garage needs flowers, but I have some pots on order, so I have a few days for that.

The bulls have been busy breeding cows and I am trying to mark down the ones I see so that I can check to make sure they don’t come back around in 21 days. I am hoping that Maddie and Marlee’s 4-H heifers get bred so we can start working with them. They have a big job ahead of them! Marlee spent some time in the country this weekend celebrating her 13th birthday!

At the Research Station we have completed our cereal planting. This week we will finish up with some forages and soybeans. It has gone quite nicely. I have really appreciated having two students again this summer. The deer are playing less havoc in our Winter Wheat but that is because they have spent more time in our Alfalfa. We still will have no choice to fence our soybeans, but we have some time for that. We are also planting a dry bean trial again this year, but we will wait until closer to June 1. Katie has plans for a garden again so that is on our list as well!

Wishing you all a great week, hope everyone gets to enjoy some sunshine!