Snow was no joke

Well, April seems to have come in like a Lion!
And how about that snow on Friday–quite the April Fool’s Day prank but it seems to want to continue, with more white stuff in the forecast this week.
We can’t complain about the yard being sloppy since it is frozen solid (although the animals might complain because all this frozen mud is hard on their feet).

We will gather at the Stratton sales barn this Saturday around 9 a.m. for our first work bee of the season.
We welcome everyone to come out for a few hours and see how much we can get finished.
The first cattle sale of the season is set for Saturday, April 23 at 9 a.m.
If you are planning to have cattle in the protocol portion of the sale, they must have had their last vaccine by Saturday, April 2.
A reminder that the protocol option is open to everyone and is not mandatory. We are promoting the use of live vaccine and supplying feed-lots with good, healthy pre-vaccinated cattle.
All vaccines, no matter what you use, need to be boostered the first time you use them to ensure they are working to the best of their ability. That means two shots!
It often is difficult to set up your schedule to allow this but without the proper booster, your cattle are at risk as the vaccine likely won’t be effective.
Again, the protocol option is an option and if you would like more information on it, get in touch with me or Delton Martin.
This is a whole herd requirement, not just the cattle you are selling.
For those of you who are regular consignors at our cattle sales, you will notice we slowing are trying to bring back the catalogue at the sale.
In order to do so, the information you would like to see in there needs to be given to us in advance of the sale. A great option would be to have a small write-up and drop it off with Susan when you are delivering your cattle.
Things like letting us know your cattle are age-verified not only puts more dollars in your pocket (especially if they are cows or bulls), it saves us a lot of time searching to see if they are.
We do not need to search for you, but we often do in hopes of making more money for you.
I’m still open to age-verifying cattle for you, but I really appreciate if you get that information to me well in advance of the sale.

As I’ve been bragging about having the Emo Agricultural Research Station being all re-tiled, we’ve discovered a problem we were suspicious of.
The tile people told me to keep a close eye on things this spring since we still could have a problem with the main tile that runs across the neighbours’ property.
Turns out that yes, the trees have caused some issues there and we need to do some work to help get the water away.
It shouldn’t be a big issue, but it needs to be done before things will be working properly.

Just a reminder that the annual meeting of the Feeder and Breeder Finance Clubs will be held this Monday (April 11) at 7:30 p.m. at the Chapple Hall.
Everyone is invited to attend.
These groups have been very important for the beef industry in Rainy River District and the rest of Ontario.

Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is having an information meeting for area farmers who have employees with Farm Safety/WSIB.
This is open to all producers who hire employees, family members, or their own children. Rules are slightly different for farmers but producers need to be aware of them.
The session will be on Thursday, April 14 from 1-3 p.m. at the Emo Legion. Refreshments will be served. Come and get important information regarding your responsibilities as an employer.

Rainy River Soil & Crop Association has come up with an exciting idea to engage people interested in growing in our district by hosting a district crop challenge.
It has decided to settle, once and for all, who had the best soybean yield!
Plant any variety of soybeans in any fashion that you think works the best. Then at harvest time, combine five acres (measured and flagged) of your choosing and have your crop measured for yield and test weight by association board members with their weigh wagon.
The goal is to promote cash cropping and spark a competitive nature in our growers. It will be as much fun as an observer, as well!
The winners will be announced in the North West Link, and presented with a prize and exclusive bragging rights!
We will watch the soybeans grow throughout the season and plan to visit at least a few of the sites during our annual crop tour on Wednesday, July 20.
You will need to register with Timo (276-0269), John (271-3216), or myself (275-9706).
The fee is $25 and we would appreciate registration prior to planting!