Sickness, calves, meetings and snow make for a busy week on the farm

Well unfortunately this household ended up sick last week.  It was not a fun week at all.  One of us is back on track and I am starting to feel like I am going to make it.  That is the downfall of farming you are not entitled to sick days.  The only good part is you have all day to get your work done and you don’t have to dress up to do it!  I didn’t even feel good enough to sit at the computer, so I had to book time off work as well.  Better now than in a few weeks when (hopefully) spring arrives.  My mom is a saint and certainly helps me out as much as possible.  I was trying not to get to close to her, so I didn’t share my germs.  She spent some time with my brother and his family last week while they attended the Bruins vs Jets hockey game, and both the girls were not feeling great either, so she thought she was already around plenty of germs and feeling fine. 

We are waiting on our last 2 calves, and I am hoping that by the time the “big paper” comes out this week they have arrived.  It will give us some time to cleanup the barn and prepare for lambs that are due on the 9th.  The goats are due on May 1st so we will drag out the birthing season a bit.  Our female bunny died the other days, so we won’t be making any baby bunnies for a while.  I still don’t want to breed Black Bettie in case something went wrong, and I don’t think she wants to be a momma anyway.  Maddie thinks a new bunny would be a great idea for the annual Easter Hunt here. 

I have a busy week of meetings, so I am hoping that I am back to normal over the next couple of days.  Everything is gearing up and I need to get my energy geared back up.  I am hearing snow is on its way and I am not impressed with that.  It was -17 when I went for chores this am and today is the first day of Spring!  The snow drift is so big around my mailbox you can barely see it!  I realize things can change fast but we still have a fair bit of winter happening.

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association are setting up Smart Banking.  If you are interested in making use of Direct Deposit for your cattle cheques / wages (for staff), please reach out to me and I will send you the form.  I plan to email everyone once I have time to sort through our membership email list!  You will still get a copy of your cattle sales most likely via email.  I know this isn’t for everyone but for some of you might appreciate this!  We look forward to making use of current technology as there are some cost savings with some of these new features.