September brings a new set of chores

The September long weekend is already long gone! Many helpful volunteers spent their long weekend at the Sales Barn working hard to try and get the project ready for our sale week. I will be honest, it is going to be tight. Things have really started to come together but like all projects those last-minute things end up taking many minutes. Evan Ruppert was kind enough to take some drone photos on Saturday. If you are a Facebook person you can find them on the Rainy River Cattlemen’s page. Our old barn looks really old now with the fancy new one up! The computers seem to be working and we are crossing our fingers we can make the weigh scale communicate with the computer system. We may not have use of some of our new, improved features yet, like indoor plumbing, but more importantly the cattle will have fresh water to drink. (We still have porta potties!) The list would be long if I started to thank everyone but thank you to those who have been giving up many hours working on this project.

My last summer student finished off her position last week. Taylor had to work extra hard this last little bit as I have been MIA. She held things together well and accomplished a lot. We were hoping all the winter wheat varieties would be in and we could have them planted before she left but that didn’t happen. We were able to start our winter barley trial, but it is set up to plant strips for the next 3 weeks, Provided the weather allows that but it already is looking a bit unlikely when I checked the forecast. I am hearing rumours of another special guest visit to our District next week, so I will have a lot of stuff to get caught up on to have the place presentable.

Finally, after wanting to get this job done for the last month, I got my lambs weaned. We only have one goat kid left and by far those two are the nosiest tonight. It seemed like I went from feeling like I had lots of time to get things done to majorly behind! These shorter days are a bit to blame as well. I know I should not be complaining about getting rain, but these shorter days don’t allow for much time to dry anything now too. The rain sure did make my lawn grow, it was quite a mess, but I am still shocked at the colour change. I did move my cattle into some grass, it isn’t a lot, but it was better than what they had, and I am able to stop feeding them hay for a couple of weeks. (I hope.) The next big task is preg checking and weighing/weaning calves. I also need to separate all the cows that are leaving and need to be prepared for sale and abattoir dates. Sounds easy…

So, my friend Susan and I are in charge of the luncheon this Sunday with the diagnostic imaging campaign for the hospital. I hope you are all planning to join in on the fun and raise some much needed dollars for the diagnostic imaging equipment! The event kicks off in Rainy River Sunday morning, lunch in Emo and BBQ in Fort Frances for supper! There will be all kinds of great things happening this Sunday, so I hope to see many of you out!