Sellers pleased with prices

We had a great cattle sale over the weekend in Stratton, with 829 animals being sold for $1,298,617.72.
That translates into $1,566.49 per head and includes everything–cull cows, bulls, you name it!
I’ve received many positive comments on how pleased people were with their prices.
Despite testing our DLMS (on-line selling) equipment on Thursday and everything working fine, something happened and the equipment would not even turn on Saturday morning.
Unfortunately, no one was able to bid or view our sale this time around. We always seem to find ourselves challenged but we have no control over certain things.
Thanks to everyone who worked, sold cattle, and bought cattle–it was a good weekend.
Our next sale is slated for Saturday, Oct. 4.
• • •
It sounds like by the time my column is printed, the nice temperatures will be ending!
I certainly am looking for a few more good days yet.
Our grain at the Emo Agricultural Research Station is close now, and I will be roping in some of my friends and family to hopefully get some of it combined.
Even if it is cooler but dry, we still will be able to tackle the grain (the key thing being dry).
Alas, my list of chores just keeps getting longer. I used to think I was a pretty good manager of my time, but I’m starting to wonder.
I’m hoping that once I get approval to hire someone, it will take away some of my stress.
• • •
I finally was home long enough on Sunday to move one group of cows to some new grass. They were happy and so was I.
They are in a field that has reed canary grass and despite many guys telling me their cows won’t eat reed canary grass, mine were loving it (I took pictures so I can prove it when someone tells me this next time).
I will sell some calves at the next sale, so I have to start devising a strategic plan to get them all back home again.
The animals that I’m feeding for my friends and family are really looking good, and butcher time also is nearing.
• • •
As mentioned, there are many big jobs still to complete–like hauling manure and second cut. The critical cutting date ends early next week, so I’m hoping we will see a few more sunny days for haying.
I can’t believe how well the grass is still growing and cutting grass is still on the list (even more so since I darn near stepped on a snake near my steps).
I am extremely scared of snakes and you likely could hear my scream right across the district. Nancy Miller just sprayed my house for flies and I’m tempted to have her come back and spray something to keep snakes away.
If I could find something to put around my property to keep them away, I sure would!
• • •
It will be an exciting week for our family as my mom turns 65 on Sept. 11.
I feel like a bad daughter because she had left me a message asking for me to not plan a party or anything–and the worst part is I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even think of planning a party!
It actually made me feel bad that I hadn’t even thought of it!
Happy birthday to my mom. She is an amazing person–kind and patient, and very rarely does she complain. Shane and I have been lucky to have such a supportive, giving mom.
She is loving being a grandma and I’m so happy for her to have her grand-girls so close that she has been able to be a big part of their lives, as well.
We wish you many more happy years.
My only peeve is that people see us together and they think we are sisters (good for her, not so for me).