Sales barn shaping up

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I seem to have the “winter blues!” Maybe I’m just worrying about too many things and it’s starting to get to me, or maybe I am just looking forward to sunshine! The sunrise was absolutely stunning this am, but it has already clouded over. I am sure once I start seeing calves my attitude will change. I ended up bringing my cows home on Saturday night after coming home from the Sales Barn. They would have likely been o.k. one more night in the bush but as the due dates get close, I get more nervous. I was frustrated though, not with the cows, but the main gate was frozen so bad I couldn’t get it. I had just used it in mid-January, but we’ve had too much snow, cold & freezing rain. I ended up hauling some panels to keep them locked into the yard for the next couple of months. Then the worry turns to the yard and them keeping themselves in a spot that they won’t end up on their back. Honestly, if you allow yourself, you can worry non-stop about your livestock.

We didn’t have a very big crew at the Sales Barn on Saturday but the crew that showed up worked hard and made some big accomplishments. We sell advertising banners (21.5” x 28”) at the Sales Barn for $150 per year. We were thankful to have a few new businesses join in and we transferred the old banners over to our new barn. It really added some colour to our facilities. If you are interested in buying a spot, please reach out to me! Lots of finishing touches to do but we sure have ended up with a beautiful facility to market our good Rainy River Raised Cattle. Going forward we hope we can host a few events in our new facility as well. We are set up with t.v. screens that will allow us to join into educational events that take place anywhere. I guess Covid has taught us some good use of modern technology if nothing else.

The abattoir board was able to meet, and we help our elections; James will continue as chair with Jason Teeple as Vice and Marg Irvine as our secretary. We are happy that Delton Martin is going to take on the Lead-Hand position at the abattoir and we have another new body, Shayne Bell that recently moved back to the district that has joined the crew at Rainy River Meats. Shayne was a restaurant owner so we are hoping that his knowledge and ideas will be an asset to our already awesome team we have at the store.

My oldest niece, Maddy is very artistic. She has designed three different series of Note Cards and as well a colouring book. Recently Jessie Baker (Here is Home Co.) asked her to design a fish. It turned out great and she is even selling large prints of her designs. If you would like some local note cards or a colouring book please reach out to me!