Sad to see my boss go

This is what happens when we have summer-like weather in March–we pay for it with snow and miserable weather.
Mind you, we only had a light dusting of snow at my place but Fort Frances saw a couple of inches.
Nice to see the sun out again and I’m hoping for some warmer temperatures soon!
It was dry enough last week that I could have been working the land, but I decided it was early and so I ignored it to work on the Miscanthus harvest instead.
Windy days make the dry grass work a little tricky, but “Roxee” and I finished off our largest trial. We still have to tackle two switch grass trials (hopefully later this week).
Our trials are arriving slowly, or at least protocols are.
Sadly, my boss will be retiring after this season and as much as I feel happy for him, I am sad to see him go. There is comfort in knowing your boss and knowing that he was supportive of our Emo research station.
• • •
My last cow calved and my last ewe lambed all on the same day—and all on the dreaded Friday the 13th (dreaded for my superstitious mom, anyway).
“Clover” the ewe did require some assistance since the lamb was coming with only a head, no feet! I pulled the first little lamb, a girl, then went ahead and pulled her brother, as well.
This is Marlee’s ewe. We were suggesting some cute twin names, but she ended up deciding on “Charlette” and “Sam.” And she is not happy about having a boy; she only wanted girls.
Her other ewe—“Pokee”—had a boy and his name is “Happy Feet.”
The lambs are adorable!
• • •
The Stratton sales barn will host its first sale of the season this Saturday (April 21). Our new manager is expecting around 850 head.
We are looking forward to a good weekend and we have some new equipment we will be trying out. We were approved for a larger screen TV that will scroll markets and news in our auction ring.
It’s simply amazing how much the barn has changed, improved, and been upgraded over this past 54 years! I’m sure my great-grandpa (W.A. Smith) would have never imagined all the technology we have in Stratton now.
Since it is Spring Fever Days in Emo this coming weekend, why not keep heading west and come visit our sales barn. We welcome everyone!
Just don’t wave your hands too much or you will be going home with some cattle!
• • •
The Rainy River Stewardship Committee still will take orders for red pine or white spruce seedlings. Please let me know how many you like(the cost is $5 for a bundle of 20).
They will arrive sometime in early May.
• • •
Sympathy is extended to the family of Mrs. Pryde. She did a wonderful job of raising kind, beautiful kids and I certainly wish them brighter days.