RRFA put on a fun night

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture (RRFA) held their annual meeting and entertainment night on Saturday.
For those of you who didn’t attend, you missed out on a great night.
The group is working hard to update and create it as a fun night out!
The had a very quick business meeting and then the fun started.
This year they held a photo contest. RRFA had them displayed beautifully.
It was great to see all the photos from across our district.
The winners were Tracy Haglin, Pam Wilson, and Kelly Teeple.
The DJ for the night had some fun games to get us and moving and a little healthy competition between tables.
After the year we are having, it was good to get out and laugh a little.
Good job, RRFA! I hope we can only build on this night out.
• • •
This is our final cattle sale week for 2019!
It has been quite a year. We are looking forward to another successful sale and then the planning will begin for our new facility.
We still haven’t heard anything from our insurance company.
The RRCA board will be setting up a building committee and have plans of exploring a few other facilities.
It is going to be a busy 2020 but it will be so worth it. If you have cattle to sale this weekend, please let James know
As you have heard before, it really helps with buyers getting orders and trucks if they have an idea of what we are expecting!
We are expecting a more reasonable # of animals so we will be selling everything on Saturday beginning at 8:30 a.m.
• • •
The Rainy River Regional Abattoir is hosting their annual meeting on Thursday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Chapple Hall. Please attend.
I always hear the comment; “I don’t want to be on the board!”
You don’t have to be on the board to attend.
The abattoir is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure that this district has.
We all benefit from having an abattoir in Rainy River District.
There are two other processing businesses that are directly affected if this abattoir shuts its doors.
Do you like to eat local meat, that has travelled miles and miles before it ends up on your plate? If so, the abattoir benefits you as well.
Please some up and show some support.
• • •
Roxee had her surgery last Monday. She had a small lump removed off her leg.
She was really drugged up and was not herself for a good portion of last week.
I spend two nights sleeping in her bed with her because she wasn’t comfortable in my bed.
She is back to normal now and stitches will be removed next week.
We had talked about trying to get to Brandon last week to Ag-Ex.
Roxee having surgery certainly changed our minds.
Last year, it was the same thing as she had been hurt and was on strict rest.
I don’t think we will even suggest it next year and hope for better luck.
• • •
I had my last abattoir day last week with the remainder of my butcher animals going–both lambs and beef–as well one of my older bulls that was having a foot issue made his last trip.
I was sad to see him go but happy that he wouldn’t be fighting the foot issue any longer.
I tried to clean out the trailer for the winter, but it wasn’t that fun with the pressure washer.
I finally tackled cutting grass and only got stuck–twice.
It looks rough but I think better than it did prior.
The new goats have finally joined the sheep and alpaca and other goat.
Since we brought them home it rained so they have been in the barn.
My mom helped me give the barn a good cleaning. That made me feel better.
I wonder if she would be willing to come help clean my house?