Rocky road ahead for Rainy River Meats

Thank you to everyone who came and supported “Street Meat” last week during Emo Spring Fever Days. I appreciate Debbie who organized all the food and everyone else that came and helped work at the event. I am sure those of you that heard me say; “We are trying to raise $70,000 this weekend”, thought I was crazy, and I might be crazy but the $ part is true. We have reached another very tough time at the Abattoir / Rainy River Meats. We have booked the AGM for May 15th at the Chapple Rec Centre, and we are planning to lay out some options for the membership to consider and it includes closing or selling. We hope we will have people come out with input.

Another frustration I have been hearing from business owners is people not paying their bills. This isn’t a new frustration as most have been dealing with this for years. It amazes me that people will get a service or product and not pay until they need something again. How do you think this is acceptable? These business owners cannot afford customers who are not going to pay but then turn around and expect top of the line service because you need them again. I know money is always tight but the people you are doing this to have families to feed and bills to pay as well. We are lucky to have the infrastructure we have in the Rainy River District, but we are at risk of losing some good things if this continues.

Now that we are near the end of April and things are drying up – please remember farmers will have large equipment on the roads travelling from field to field. Please be patient, this is their job they are doing. Like you, they have families waiting at home for them to return safely as well.

Thankfully with the help of my mom, Stacey, and Charlie we were able to get all our cows, calves and yearlings vaccinated. The cows gave me some grief getting them in as I was trying to run through mud that was close to taking my boot off every step I took. I had made a decent dry way for them to come in but not everyone chooses that path. After some loud yells and threats of selling they came in. It was a long day as we started at Stacey’s doing her animals and then ended at my place. In three weeks we will do it all over again.

Last night a group of us got together to celebrate a special lady’s 76th birthday. Of course, my mom and I were late arriving because of the cow day we had. It was a fun night of visiting and laughing something that we haven’t been taking the time to do. I think Lillian had a great birthday and we are all looking forward to the next one.

Reminder it is our Spring Cattle Sale this weekend and James has a great group of cattle coming. We welcome you to come and try out our canteen as we have some ladies that cook up some daily lunch specials and homemade pies! If you are capable of working please reach out to James!