Research Station is winding down, but farm work never ends

Happy Halloween! Hard to believe it is the end of October and we are experiencing these beautiful sunny days. No complaints from most- just the people who are out hunting! I think the weather is going to change again and we shouldn’t be shocked, since we have our final cattle sale of the year this Saturday. I vaccinated and dewormed my heifers on the weekend and moved them out of the corral. It is sticky but it certainly has been much worse. I think the cows were happy to be back in a larger area. I still have a few steers who will be heading to my friend’s house this week. One of my friends has cattle grazing nearby and the corral system needs work, so he hauled his heifers over to my place to be preg-checked on Saturday. It was fun! Less stress than preg-checking your own. It was a beautiful bunch of heifers. I was planning to do some housework but with this weather, who wants to be in the house. There will be better days for housework. My mom spent a bunch of time cutting off the strings that were caught up in the manure spreader while I took down an old fence. Getting those tasks accomplished at this time of the year without freezing our fingers is a real treat. I still have manure to haul but I still have hope that we will get it finished. I still want to tackle some changes in the sheep corral. My biggest issue is the limited amount of daylight hours after work. I know we can work in the dark, but it isn’t as fun or as easy. I am feeding my cows now. I am using up some left-over hay, but they are still grazing a bit as well. They too enjoy this weather and are less hungry for hay when the weather is pleasant. That is the same for the sheep who spend more time complaining than cattle most days. They are still picking the little bit of grass left. It is only a couple more weeks until we will breed our sheep and I am happy we are breeding less this year. (At least I am happy.)

Lexi turned one on Saturday! She is still not convinced she is a farm dog – maybe more of a princess! I think that will change. Her biggest problem is a few nasty electric fence shocks that makes her less trusting of getting too close to the action. She had a little party, a photo shoot, new toys, and grandma bought her a doggie cake. I think she had a great day!

We are at the cleaning stage at the Research Station. Hunter finished last Friday, and he managed to get all the seed cleaned prior to his departure. So now Bradley and I are working on cleaning up more dust and dirt. We need to work on getting rid of a few mice as well since they seem to be moving inside. I will be working on the year end report as well.

We are looking forward to the cattle sale this weekend. We have a bit of a “cattle sale bet” going on. A few of us have put in $5 and we are seeing who will be closest to the right number of head that show up! I will let you know the winner next week! Just a reminder if you are interested in working you should give James a call at 271-2005. This sale we will have bred females for sale! If you are looking for a few more cows we will be selling those at 1 p.m.