Research station getting ready for fall

The end of August! August is such a fast month for me, and I dread it as I end of missing some days at the Station, the students leave and it is a mad scramble to get plots harvested, seed cleaned, and winter crops planted. We had enough rain that we are off the ground for a bit, but I am hoping we can get some seed in the ground before the next rain arrives. (I am not complaining that we had rain though.)

We are planting Winter Barley for the first time in many years. Ideally it would be best to have it in the ground in August, but we just received the seed. We will be planting it over four dates so it will be interesting to see what happens. As for the Winter Wheat the varieties are just starting to roll in so we are hoping they will all come this week and we can get it in the ground as well. The soybeans are the only crop other than the Hops that are yet to be harvested. I have been getting asked about the hops harvest as everyone wants to see the new harvester work. That won’t happen this week but hoping for next! I will try let everyone know that expressed interest. This is my last week with a student and it makes be sad. I felt bad for Taylor as I have been off work for a few days and the place just isn’t the same when you are working alone. She did great while I was away though, so I sure appreciated her plugging away.

I started my holidays be taking the day off to prepare for our Doug Ford visit to the Stratton Sales Barn. It was great to have such dignitary and it was so nice that Mr. Ford seemed genuinely interested in meeting the producers and took the time to look at our construction site and thank the carpenters for doing such a great job. It is unfortunate that we are going through such a tough time in our District with drought issues because I just don’t feel the mood is that of what it should be. The province of Ontario supported the producers of the Rainy River District by supplying short term hay that has been coordinated by the Beef Farmers of Ontario. It was perfect timing that a load of hay arrived in as our guest were leaving and we were able to get some pictures. Ontario is the only province that has stepped up and developed a program to get us some temporary hay and as well as some dollars for emergency fencing and water. We are still working on the winter feed supply, but I am counting on an announcement soon!

Thursday, we loaded up and were off the Dryden Fair. Marlee, my mom, and me. We picked up cattle for Aaron Bujold and off we went. The cooler weather was great for our cattle, (and for us.) It was a good weekend and nice to participate in their event.

I was off to Guelph early Sunday morning to attend a Beef Farmer’s of Ontario meeting. First in-person meeting in months! It was great to see everyone and talk about our industry, but this wide-spread drought is scary and we all should be concerned. I was home at 3 a.m. and now even though I didn’t’ even miss a week of work/home time I feel like I have a month’s worth of work staring at me! Please be patient with me for a couple days until I am back on track.