Plenty of hay bales wrapped in plastic

We finished our first cut of all our forage plots at the Emo Agricultural Research Station last week.
We decided to cut the remainder with our haybine despite the fact the weather looked a little questionable for the weekend. My comment was “it’s not calling for a whole lot of rain!”
Well, that turned into nearly two inches (and more than two inches in places).
At home, I was so close to going cutting on Saturday morning. But for some reason, I changed my mind and thought I would just start the following day.
I’m thankful that thought came to me. The thing is, we recorded rain every day last week so it wasn’t that the fields were dry before we got the downpour Saturday night!
More and more people are choosing to wrap hay–this way you at least can bale it before it has completely dried down. When you see the long lines of bales that are packed away nicely in white plastic, it means they have been baled wet.
The plastic allows no air and it more or less makes a silage/haylage bale. The plastic acts the same way the big tall silos work.
I do not have a wrapper at home so I’m still counting on some good weather to make dry hay.
• • •
Jack Kyle, the pasture specialist with OMAFRA, was in the district last week.
We had a great “Pasture Night” at our new community pasture (thanks to all who took the time to come out and talk about grazing and species).
Jack also was able to tour around a bit the following day, then made his way to Dryden to visit with some of their producers.
We are very fortunate to have a great pasture here in Rainy River District and a manager who really enjoys looking after the cattle and land.
• • •
I was lucky to attend a beautiful wedding on Saturday.
Malarie (Woolsey) and Ian were married in her parents’ backyard–and, of course, Mother Nature wasn’t on their side. We continually checked radars and actually thought we had until 5 p.m. before we would see precipitation.
Alas, the ceremony was performed while the rain fell!
Congratulations to them both.
Sure, things could have been better. But someday, when they are telling their kids about their wet day, they will be able to look back and chuckle.
• • •
Unable to cut hay or the lawn on Sunday, I instead decided to hang out with my family at the CN picnic at Point Park. This is the first time I attended this event and my goodness it is simply wonderful!
We had Maddie and Marlee and their cousins from Dryden, and they thought it was a great afternoon. The blow-up play area for the kids was awesome and there was all kinds of food and prizes.
Thanks to all the organizers. Our family really enjoyed our day off and appreciated the efforts that were put into making this a great day for CN families!
• • •
Happy Canada Day to everyone! Take the time to think about how fortunate we all are to live in this great country!
I’m planning to be in the hay field—but I will be thinking about how much I love red and white!