Plan to come out to the Cattlemen’s AGM tomorrow

Winter has found us! The crisp air feels good, but the wind isn’t so enjoyable. I was nervous about checking water bowls this morning as I heard the house cracking all night from the cold. I was relieved to find water and not ice. It is more difficult to keep things unfroze in the barn as I use animal heat to keep it toasty in there, but three rabbits and two ducks don’t add much heat. I have a heated bucket for the ducks and the rabbits get fresh water twice a day. This is the first time their water has frozen this winter. I remind Black Bettie how lucky she is every day as she enjoys the comfort of the house. The cattle are in a nice spot to keep them out of the wind, but they are trekking home for water and coming across the open part of the field isn’t their favorite. I have been putting out some old, less desirable hay for all groups of cattle so they can pick through it but lay on it as they choose. It is important for bulls to have something to lay in to keep their male parts warm. My bulls and horse snuggle in together in this weather.

I endured the cold weather over the weekend and have most of my outdoor lights back in the storage shed. I left a few things on that brighten the driveway and really are not Christmas related. I still must get on the ladder a couple of places but thought that could wait until it warmed up. I have been starting the declutter process and have quite a stash of things that are leaving this house! I cannot believe how I accumulate so many clothes but wear the same things over and over. Laundry is easy so really a person does not need that many clothes. I need to figure out a better rotation perhaps. Either way I find this declutter process very satisfying.

Just a reminder – the Rainy River Cattlemen’s is hosting their annual meeting this Thursday January 18th at 7:00 p.m. at Our Lady of the Way School. It is important that our membership joins us and helps us move forward. The board is looking at commission fees, Phase two of the upgrades at the barn but it is valuable to hear from those that are using our facilities. Please join us! Coffee break is sponsored by Stratton Service.

The Rainy River District 4-H Leaders Association is hosting their AGM on Friday January 26th at the Stratton Seniors Centre. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to our secretary Chantelle Teeple.

Bradley is looking for animals at the abattoir. He is through the fall rush and things are slowing down. If you have anything that you’d like processed, please let him know. If you have any cull cows you could also let Bradley know as he tends to keep a list of people looking for meat. This is one of the few times that you can likely book a slot without much of a wait. It is important to keep the animals flowing to avoid delays down the road.