Perils of uneven ground

My cows are moved home and into the calving yard. We are 10 days from the official due date. My biggest worry right now is the fact the wet fall didn’t allow for the work to be completed to level off the yard. There are some humps and bumps and when these cows are nine months pregnant, you don’t want them laying on unlevel surfaces. If they lay to far over there is a chance, they won’t be able to get up. They may only last 15 minutes like this so if you don’t find them in time, you have a dead cow. It is the most frustrating thing. It has nothing to do with health it has everything to do with bad luck. Warm weather doesn’t help either since they tend to stretch themselves out. So, like everyone thinks – farmers are never completely happy with the weather. Keeping the areas that they are sleeping on as level as you can helps, but sometimes it can be as little as a few inches and the way they lay. I am tight on straw, so they won’t be seeing any extra bedding this year. I think I am still a few days away from prowling around all hours of the day and night, but they will start progressing quickly now. It is an exciting time of the year.
I had a good trip to our Research Training session last week. It was perfect weather for travelling; dry roads and smooth flying. One of the best tips I took home was a simple thing. We all have big lists and want to tackle as many jobs in a day as possible. The suggestion was, before you even turn your computer on to check your emails, look at your list and complete one of the jobs on that list first! That way you will have satisfaction from that and most times, your emails add another task.
The Mental Health Workshop was a complete success. We had a full house! I am so happy that we took the time to apply and host this course. It is obviously an area that many are searching for more information on. We had a wonderful instructor with great experience. I have received many texts and emails thanking me for organizing the course, so it seems we all left there with more knowledge. I think since this was so successful, I am going to investigate hosting a Mental Health in Agriculture Workshop. It won’t happen right away, but I would like to see it come to our location within a year. A big thank you to Farm Credit Canada, Grain Farmers on Ontario and the Do More Ag Foundation and our local contributors – CIBC Emo, Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association, Rainy River Federation of Agriculture, Kaemingh Fuels and our local Vet. Committee. The resources that are out there are great – look at the Do More Ag Foundation Website and as well the Grain Farmers of Ontario. Reach out if you are having a tough time – that is what friends are for!
Congratulations to Tammy LeBlanc for continuing as President of our Local 4-H Association. We hosted our AGM last week and we are excited for 4-H in the Rainy River District. The rules are becoming more and more cumbersome to stay active in 4-H but we seem to have a great group interested.
Purity Seeds is hosting a Seed Day on Feb. 7 at the Emo Inn. Registration is at 9:30 a.m. and the agenda looks great! Take time to register today at 807-482-2420.