Perfect weather for Canada Day

As much as I enjoyed my Canada Day off, it was like having two Mondays last week!
The weather made for a perfect July 1st, though, and I spent the day cutting hay.
I debated about heading out to the fireworks in Emo but chose to sit on the deck with the mosquitoes (“Roxee” wouldn’t even join me). But I heard they had a great display of colours.
• • •
At home, the fields still are plenty wet. Some years you can drive right through the low spots, but it looks like that won’t happen this year—or, at least, not yet.
I enjoy watching the wildlife when cutting, and likely spend too much time driving around bird nests or moving bunny nests and watching for the hidden fawns.
The weather didn’t look good, so I chose not to cut anymore after I had that baled. This also allowed me to participate in the “Bliss Fishing Derby” on Saturday (I’m not much of a “fishing girl” but I did catch a few).
My boyfriend/partner was the big winner but he shared his winnings with our younger fisher girls, as well. It was a great time to spend with family–it’s been nearly 20 years since I was up on the Bliss favourite lake.
I guess the downfall of farming is the fact there is never nothing to do. And in the summer when the weather is good, it is haying season.
• • •
At the Emo Agricultural Research Station, we finally were able to get all our forage plots cleaned off.
The grain is now heading out and our winter wheat is starting to change colour, so it won’t be too long until we will be combining that.
Despite the cold and wet month of May, things don’t look so bad, though we have lots of clean-up and organizing to do before the end of the month.
Our annual open house is set for Wednesday, July 29 at 7 p.m. We are expecting some officials from the University of Guelph this year, as well.
• • •
It was welcome to see that we collected 544 CHU for the month of June, though we still are on the low side for this number since May was so cool.
We now are at 279.6 mm (11 inches) of rain for the year. It would be welcome to most everyone if we could have a couple of weeks without rain.
It would sure make for some good haying weather.
Wishing everyone a good week and to my farmer friends, good luck with haying. May your fields be heavy and your equipment in no need of repair!
Be patient as you may see more farm equipment on the road as we move from field to field.