This is Ontario Agriculture Week! Though I think we should celebrate our industry all year long, things are ramped up this week! It is a special time to think about the acres that are cared for by our producers, the abundance of food produced, the employees in our industry, and […]

We successfully held our first cattle sale in our new facilities. For the most part, things went very well. Naturally we found a few things we can improve on and we have three weeks to change a few more things. We sold 1487 animals for $1,798.094.20. It was a pretty […]

Last week was a whirlwind! We were working hard to complete multiple tasks before the Minister’s visit on Thursday. I finally gave up on the fact that getting things all trimmed, mowed and beautiful wasn’t going to happen. In fact, it is the end of the year and the place […]

The September long weekend is already long gone! Many helpful volunteers spent their long weekend at the Sales Barn working hard to try and get the project ready for our sale week. I will be honest, it is going to be tight. Things have really started to come together but […]

Emo Fair week has arrived. Though it might not be exactly like normal it has arrived. I still have big plans of at least making some entries for the exhibit hall. Marlee stayed out last night so she could work on some of her art and picture entries. We thought […]

August has arrived. The time of year when we often see some hot, dry days. This year we have only seen hot, dry days. The rain even appears on a radar that it is heading our way and it still manage to dissipate or go around us. We ended up […]