I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am afraid Christmas is going to be here and I certainly won’t be ready. I keep making a list, but I will have to go somewhere to cross a few things off it. Of course, we picked up our new […]

I am hoping to have things locked up at the Research Station this week. I was thinking I might finish last week but I got side-tracked. The reports have been dropped off at Emo Feed, but I will remind you that nothing was outstanding last year, other than we experienced […]

Well, it looks like winter has arrived. I was still hoping we might be on the edge of the system and I do mean the edge that wasn’t going to get much at all. Friends in Dryden certainly were hit worse, and my step-kid was called to Kenora to work […]

By Kim Jo Bliss Would it even have been Halloween without a few snow flurries? At my place he flurries didn’t arrive until after the Trick or Treaters were home enjoying their bag of fun! I had the most kids I have seen in many years; it was great! Sure, […]

I am sure I have likely mentioned before that after I get my annual pay cheque for my calves I like to always try and do an upgrade on the house of some kind. I wasn’t sure what that would be this year but that changed rather quickly. I was […]