I think we will all agree that we hope the “special weather statement” we keep seeing and hearing about misses us! Sunday’s weather created enough mess for the week. It is very difficult to keep animals dry in this weather. I am thinking of all my friends calving now and […]

OK Spring, we are impatiently waiting on you. We had those few days of a test run and we all enjoyed you, so please come back. I know I have been reminded it is better for the snow to leave us slowly, but I do not think it is necessary […]

Well, I had a little melt-down this weekend. I have told you about the elk that end up here every winter and how I try to feed them south of my place to keep them away from my cows and my stored hay. Naturally this year I wasn’t planning on […]

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I seem to have the “winter blues!” Maybe I’m just worrying about too many things and it’s starting to get to me, or maybe I am just looking forward to sunshine! The sunrise was absolutely stunning this am, but it has […]