We are all happy that we have more hay to cut this year, but now the weather needs to co-operate to allow us to get it baled up! Last week, the hay was not drying quickly at all, and I was very frustrated. Finally, by Friday was able to bale […]

July has arrived and our long weekend is already over. Though the weather was decent for the weekend, I am still longing for those warm summer nights. Instead, we are still packing on sweatshirts and longer pants. I sure am counting on a long, beautiful fall. My mom and I […]

I can barely grasp it is the end of June. I planned to start cutting hay over the weekend, but the weather changed my mind on that. I would have had to bundle up cutting on Sunday because it certainly wasn’t a warm day. I think we are so thankful […]

Wow — summer has arrived in a big way! We went from sweatshirts on Saturday to as little outerwear as possible on Sunday. We shall not complain — we need this! It is amazing how much growth we have seen in all our plots over the weekend. Now, as usually […]

Thank you to those who reached out wondering why I missed a week of Moos. I didn’t! It was the long weekend, so I decided to write my column on Monday night. It is never early when I do it but was all proud to have it completed since short […]

I am not quite sure how long ago this was now, but Wendy Judson tracked me down and asked me if I would consider sitting on the Riverside Foundation Board. She was looking to step down and wanted to have someone from Emo continue on the board. I thought about […]

Well, I made the mistake of looking at the weather for next week thinking that we are going to be closer to getting on land. I just hope the predictions are wrong. May makes me think of warm sunshine and green grass. Hopefully by the end of the week that […]

I don’t ever remember stopping a cattle sale for lightening, but we did this past Saturday. What a week of weather and it doesn’t sound like we are through it all yet. To say this has been a tough spring in an understatement. Our springtime calvers are fighting every day […]

I do not know how the rest of you felt but it seemed like we should be watching for Rudolph not the Easter Bunny. I have set up my Easter Hunt with snow on the ground before, but I am quite sure that was when Easter landed in March. Some […]