Wow, this month is already a week old! Time seems to fly by once the fall season starts. Our plot forage harvester broke down about two hours from being finished all our second cut and haylage/silage trials. We are hoping that we will have it back this week and finish […]

Hopefully everyone has received some of the rain that fell across the district over the past week. I know the amounts tend to vary. Last Thursday, for instance, we received six mm here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station while my home got 48 mm. And on Monday, EARS had […]

Last week I was in Owen Sound for the Ontario Cattlemen’s summer meeting and we actually met with the board and staff from the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, as well. We are dry here in Rainy River, but things were even worse there. For the most part, the entire province is […]

It certainly looks like we will have some combining to do in the month of July as the barley is ripening quickly. We will hold off harvesting anything, though, until after our open house next Thursday evening (July 26). It looks as though the second cut of the alfalfa will […]

Our summer weather continues—and it sure feels good. I certainly have no complaints about these hot temperatures. I frequently get asked, “Do you tan?” No, I don’t, but I ride a tractor daily. As such, I have a horrible farmer’s tan (the back side of me is white since the […]

The drier spring is sure showing negative results in the hay fields across the district. People are reporting a third- to a half-less hay. Many are trying to secure hay from other sources in order to keep their cow herds stable. Funny how things change so quickly here; the last […]

It looks like the weather is shaping up to be a great week! I am hoping to tackle some of my haying. I am nervous about some of our fields—there doesn’t appear to be a lot of hay. I tend to worry about that sort of thing but I am […]

The Rainy River Regional Abattoir is hosting its annual meeting next Wednesday (June 20) at 7 p.m. at the abattoir. Please take the time to attend as the abattoir is in need of more business! It is a brand new, very expensive building and it we don’t use it, we […]

As it seems to happen here in Rainy River District, we have weather extremes: extremely cold, extremely hot, extremely dry, and extremely damp. We all will agree that we needed the rain, but now it’s time for this pattern to move off–preferably to the Timmins area, where they have been […]

It was a great planting week at the Emo Agricultural Research Station and we managed to get a majority of our plots filled up! We still have some grass/legume blocks to plant, but the last of that seed should be arriving early this week. We welcomed the rain even though […]

Well, it was wonderful busy time here in Rainy River District last week. We didn’t have much rain, but enough to keep us off the land for a few days at the agricultural research station in Emo. The earlier planted trials all have emerged and are looking good. We are […]