I can’t believe how many people I spoke with who said we should expect this type of weather for our long weekend and opening of fishing season! I had big fencing plans for the weekend, but it certainly hasn’t been the most enjoyable time to be outside. The good part […]

I started working at the agricultural research station in Emo as a student back in 1987—a crazy long time ago! But since I started, I’ve never been this late at seeding the cereal performance trials. And it is starting to get to me. I realize we have no control of […]

Bring on the sunshine–my students started here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station on Monday! I have two new students this year: Nick Donaldson, attending the University of Guelph, and Lucas Hudson from the University of Western Ontario. It always is a bit challenging to start up with two new […]

Sadly, our district lost another good man over the weekend. Aarne Hahkala was actively involved in the community for many years and always willing to tackle any task–big or small. He was a great board member for the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Associawtion and a strong supporter of the Stratton sales […]

Some double-digit temperatures finally are appearing when I checked the long-term weather forecast. It won’t happen soon enough for most of us! Despite the cold temperatures and the extra work to keep water lines thawed out, the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association’s spring cattle sale on Saturday in Stratton was quite […]

Each spring, as vaccination time approaches, I tend to worry that the handling facilities won’t be thawed out or be still full of snow. But for the first-time ever, it happened! I’m about three weeks away from breeding, so the cows needed to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, the corral still has […]

I think even my cows are growing tired of our lack of spring! For those of us who didn’t have a huge stack of hay this year, the long, lingering winter certainly is not helping that, either. Alas, the long-term weather forecast still isn’t looking very warm and we are […]

I was thinking that the cold weather Monday morning was quite an April Fool’s Day trick! The sun was shining, but it was pretty darn stiff in the barn yard. It’s amazing that last year at this time, we were thinking about planting. This year, however, I can’t even see […]

Well, my prediction that the end of calving sometimes is a bit of challenge has proved true. A great big ole’ cow that is quiet like a dog and has been acting strange, truthfully, for the last couple of years, calved early Sunday morning. She has been lying out in […]

More snow—I think we all have the same feelings about this! As well, our Food Security Action Day had to be postponed for a second time because of snow. It now is re-scheduled for Wednesday, April 10 and we only can hope for a more spring-like day. On the bright […]

As I sat down to write my Moos column on Monday, it was 2 p.m. and I still hadn’t tackled all my morning duties. That’s right, Maddie and Marlee are here! They are busy draggin’, playing, wrestling, and having a few fights every now and then. My phone and e-mail […]

March has arrived; the days are longer and the sun is warmer. We slowly are putting winter behind us. Still, I was on the phone Monday with many from the west and it sounded like March’s lion was hitting them quite hard. I’m crossing my fingers that we miss it. […]