Well, we cannot complain about this incredible stretch of weather at all. The sun has been incredible and now with the harvest moon there is so much beauty all times of the day. As I look at the forecast there is some precipitation mentioned and it reminded me that there […]

How about this incredible weather? This is perfect working conditions. Breezy, sunny, and dry. There is still a lot of hay being made and many have been commenting on how great It is to still see some nice green standing hay. We have the later season to thank for that. […]

Well, I am double stressed out now with not being able to do nearly as much with one hand. I am sure my mom and Clayton are counting the days until my arm is somewhat more normal. My mom hauled me off to my Dr. appt Tuesday in Thunder Bay. […]

I think my age is catching up to me. I normally could work well into the night but now I power down. It doesn’t help that last week was our first full week of good weather all summer and we were all making hay. What a huge difference it makes […]

I know I have mentioned before on what a great community we live in, but recently I was reminded once again! The thrift shop in Emo donated $2,000 to our beef clubs to help cover the costs of the abattoir and advertising. What a huge gesture that will appreciated by […]

My story is like last week; we need better hay-making weather. The hay that I had cut a week ago on Friday was baled up this Friday and for the first time in my history of hay making, we were leaving ruts in the field. After checking the weather forecast […]

We are all happy that we have more hay to cut this year, but now the weather needs to co-operate to allow us to get it baled up! Last week, the hay was not drying quickly at all, and I was very frustrated. Finally, by Friday was able to bale […]

July has arrived and our long weekend is already over. Though the weather was decent for the weekend, I am still longing for those warm summer nights. Instead, we are still packing on sweatshirts and longer pants. I sure am counting on a long, beautiful fall. My mom and I […]