I think I am finished with my outdoor light display. Of course, by the time I finished I already had a set of (new) lights not working. I was going to ignore but that lasted 5 minutes and out I went to take them down. I still need to make […]

It looks as though winter has arrived now. I beat myself up for the first couple of weeks frustrated with all the work that wasn’t finished. Then reality hits and I remind myself that I must work off the farm and you can only do so much on your own. […]

I think we were all happy the snow disappeared, and we even had a few more warm days. It looks like winter has arrived in the west, but I am sure we are all hoping we don’t end up with that. The way the wind is blowing certainly makes you […]

This weather sure should be making us all very thankful! If only there was a way to keep it especially since by the end of the week, I will have a corral full of calves to be weaned. The forecast doesn’t look so promising, but I am holding out with […]

This is Ontario Agriculture Food Week! October 3 to the 9 is dedicated to celebrating the abundance of food Ontario farmers produce, the people our industry employs, the rural communities supported by Ontario agriculture and the economic engine we fuel. Ontario farmers proudly grow and produce more than 200 different […]

We sold 934 head at the Stratton Sales Barn on Saturday for $1,425,348.76. The hard work and financial support are really proven its worth. The newly installed tag reader had amazing accuracy and tags read quickly. We were slightly short staffed but like always those that show up put in […]