Outdoor Ag Expo being planned for July

I am hoping that this miserable weather we have had these last couple of days in our “March coming in like a lion” and it is smooth sailing from here on out. If we never see that kind of wind again it won’t hurt my feeling any. We ended up with no power from 12:30 a.m. until 6:30 a.m. I wasn’t as worried about the water freezing as I sometimes do since temperature wasn’t so bad. I was worried that the wind breaks might blow over and squish all my calves or the tin would be blown off the barn. Normally I only use my flashlight to make sure I don’t overlook anything outside but with no power my barn required the flashlight as well. Other than a few minor things I didn’t have damage, the wind breaks and tin were fine. I missed my barn cameras, but I survived.

I am approaching ½ with my calves and ended up with a set of twins today. It is from a mature cow, and she should do fine with them both. They are both good size and I am looking forward to weighing them once they are dried off to see just how much the poor cow was carrying around. I have been concerned about our up and down weather and the impact it may have on the calves. They are tough little things, but extremes can cause problems.

This is my last week of full-time farming – well I guess my second last. I have a week of holidays for next week and the following week I am back at preparing for spring at the Station. I am a little disappointed that I haven’t completed some of my house tasks, but I will get to that once the calves have me less busy.

I have good intentions of getting started on my taxes soon. I don’t want to be doing them in good weather so I should be working on them when I am not in the barn. I never seem to get caught up on things for the Abattoir of Sales Barn, so it is not that I am not working on something.

I was very sad for the Muskie Boys and Girls hockey teams for their tough losses in NorWossa last weekend. Seeing the kids so disappointed was heart breaking. Someone always must finish 2nd but sure seemed tough. The hours the team puts in leaves everyone feeling a little lost.

I hope everyone is cheering for Team Northern Ontario at the Brier! I am so excited for Trevor and team. He has many fans out in Regina supporting him and all of us here cheering to the t.v. screen. I haven’t watched a lot of curling before but having a local connection certainly makes it enjoyable.

We are planning an Outdoor Ag Expo for July 25th, 26th & 27th. Watch for details but it is going to be a big event for our area. We plan to have a farm tour in conjunction with the events that will be taking place at Purity Seeds just south of Emo. Stay tuned!